Brian Hovmand

Avid Offline Editor Final Cut Pro (FCP)

Over the last seven years Brian has proved himself as a creative, gifted editor. His input into both on and off-line edits has made him a most sought after operator. Bringing a contemporary perspective to all genres of work, Brian approaches projects with energy and dedication. He knows the Avid inside out and can quickly deal with most technical difficulties as they arise. Brian is a natural when it comes to story-telling and clients always comment on his ability to deal with structure, a narrative and character lead pieces. He is renowned for his work in drama documentary and feature films and has a taste for stylish, modern shots combined with an excellent ear for music.

For a full CV, availability and any further information on Brian Hovmand, please call Satu or Louisa on 020 7691 3898.

Tel: 020 7287 9839. Email: