Mike Jones

Avid / Final Cut Pro (FCP) Offline

Mike started his humble career as a projectionist in his local cinema. This gave him the means to watch endless obscure art house movies and it was here his interest in film began. He went to Film School and watched even more films and this lead to his inevitable desire to become an editor! He gained employment at a leading London TV Facility and built up his knowledge of the technical side of post production and in particular editing. He then began to cut short films for favours, and gradually moved his way into documentaries and then to Dramas.

Mike will always watch every frame of the rushes to get the right take, and has a remarkable talent on narrative, pace and style. Mike is also a very accomplished musician so brings a wonderful passion of music to the cutting room, his use of music is stunning.

His dream now is to cut his first first feature and his life will be complete..!

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