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For Editor bookings please speak to:
Satu or Louisa
Satu Lawrence, Managing Director


Wanted for a stage coach robbery in Tombstone and horse rustling throughout Arizona. Reputed to be the most skilled sharpshooter in the Midwest. Armed and dangerous – approach with caution.

Satu Lawrence - Managing Director
Mobile: 07973 896 971

Louisa Lloyd, Company Director


For running the infamous ‘Red River’ Brothel, bootlegging and a Railroad depot robbery in Oklahoma. May try to seduce you – approach with caution.

Louisa Lloyd - Company Director
Mobile: 07899 985 763

Charlotte Biggs, Bookings and Head of Tea


Notorious outlaw, reputed to be the best shot and fastest gunslinger of The Wild Bunch is wanted for numerous armed bank and train robberies through western America. Last seen in violent bar brawl in The Black Hills.

Charlotte Biggs - Bookings and Head of Tea
Mobile: 07980 991 090

Robyn Dennington, Accounts Manager


Sioux Indian Chief of the Oglala tribe is wanted for embezzlement and gold bullion robbery. It is thought that Crazy Horse has retreated deep into the hills with her stolen fortunes.

Robyn Dennington - Accounts Manager
Mobile: 0207 691 3898

Amy Kelleher, Bookings and Accounts Assistant

Amy the Abilene Kid

The infamous teenage bandit, pistol-trained by the "bloodthirsty" Doolin Gang. Wanted for her cattle rustlin' antics and whiskey bootleggin' with the Indians. Is known for consistently outwitting the law and stealing their ammunition.

Amy Kelleher - Bookings and Accounts Assistant
Mobile: 07976 063 065

Roberto Gomez Martin, Marketing & Business Development Consultant

Roberto ‘Galloping’ Gomez

Pistolero, desperado, peyote smuggler and kerb crawler. Wanted dead or alive for his part in a shoot-out at a Taco stand in Rio Grande. Approach with caution, especially after he’s had a heavy lunch of chilli, fava beans and tequila.

Roberto Gomez Martin - Marketing & Business Development Consultant
Mobile: 07824 565454

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